Show Orders


Important: We switched to a new gallery this year for horse shows, and all your account information has been transferred over.  Please log in using the same email and password you created in your original account. If you can’t remember it, click the forgot password link.  Go to PHOTOS


 How do I see my show proofs? I see other riders but not me.

Photos are uploaded with a deposit. You can request an upload by clicking here.  The deposit will be taken off your first purchase from the show you requested.

 Are deposits refundable?

No. Deposits for show coverage or for uploads are not refundable. If you missed the show for a valid medical reason, your deposit can be applied to another show. I cannot refund deposits if you feel you don’t look good, your horse didn’t show well, you missed your class, or other reasons not within the photographer’s control.

 How long will my order take to come?

CDs and small prints – 2-3 weeks.  Large prints, canvases, other products – 3-4 weeks.  Collages – 2-3 weeks AFTER I receive your approval on the design.

 How long do you keep show photos?

Photos are backed up and archived hopefully forever. That being said, the further back in time the show was, it may become harder to locate your images without detailed information about the show.

 What is the life of your photos and other products?

I want our memories to last forever because our horses don’t! Anything you order from me was printed in a professional-only lab on archival material (with the exception of plaque-mounts which may have a slightly acidic base). This ensures correct colour balance and the best production fidelity I could find in Canada. I use only Taiyo Yuden CDs and DVDs, widely regarded as the best quality digital storage dics – up to 100 years!